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Winding Down

So, I'd like to say I was able to sustain a regular training routine in my cycling activities during this past year, but I cannot---no excuses, though I could claim several...I simply didn't keep the focus to do what I needed to as an athlete.  Life events make that decision path easy; string several of those decisions together over the course of a season...or a career...or a relationship...or a lifetime...and you end up facing the shadowy figure of regret.  For many, this past year may have easily gone that way; graciously and thankfully for most of us it did not...

As 2019 begins its initial descent into the final quarter of the year, I am thankful for the limited opportunities this cycling season to ride with my fellow Pacers teammates; though my personal cycling fitness was far from the performance level I desired, the encouragement & fellowship of these Dear Friends has been a solacing inspiration to my spirit again--a true and genuine treasure, indeed... :-) There's a few good rides still left in 2019...let's go!



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