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Riding Through DC Streets---Literally

The 4th annual DC Bike Ride ventured out across a closed-street route winding through the Washington DC area yesterday, Saturday, May 18th, with over 4,000 participants taking in the sites of DC from atop their trusted velocipedes, Stride-Ryders, and some even on unicycles!

One of the cool factors of sharing the cycling community with others is meeting new friends & making connections with new people whose path you might have never crossed in other venues--this is why a bike is more than "just a toy" or something "only for fitness" or some other adjective. My ride yesterday was made more enjoyable in meeting Phil, a fellow project management professional and cycling enthusiast; we also shared a commonality in having participated in the annual RAGBRAI event in Iowa, now in its 47th year. Turns out we both rode the same year editions (2003 & 2008), swapping favorite stories and favorite memories of the towns we passed through as well as the overnight stays, one of which for Phil meant the loss of their team's bus-turned-RV as the engine literally "just stopped working". Fortunately for their team, several members knew people who knew people and they were able to finish that 2008 year event... The cycling experience is about learning and sharing—always learning & sharing a different route, always learning & sharing what foods are better for recovery, always learning & sharing tips from other riders (good or bad), always learning & sharing what equipment best fits your riding style & skills, always learning & sharing what time of day the traffic is best to engage a commuter ride to or from (or both) work. The book “It’s Not About The Bike” should have included a section subtitled “It’s About the Learning & Sharing”, for each of us regardless of skill level learns something more each time we ride and inevitably shares that information with someone else—about our equipment, about our environment, about ourselves. Thanks for sharing the ride Phil, look forward to the next one!



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